Saul Bass

9 Jan
Saul Bass was born in New York on May 8th 1920 and studied Graphic Art at Brooklyn College, New York before moving to Los Angeles in 1946.

I like the work of Saul Bass. It reminds me a bit of the collages by Picasso. I like the rough minimalistic cut out feel of his film poster for ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’. Preminger called on Bass to work on ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’, for which Bass created this famous jagged arm design, which is meant to suggest a hardened drug addiction which was the main story of the film.

He also has an impessive website using the same style as this poster at

Saul Bass’ body of work distinguishes him as one of the most versatile and innovative graphic designers of the 20th Century. He has talent for creating definitive visual references in the form of film poster campaigns and title sequences.

I also like this poster, the use of a spirograph to evoke a dizy sensation.

Bass directed the short dream sequence in ‘Vertigo’ as well as working on the poster campaign for the film. This film marked his most complete collaboration with Hitchcock.

In the 1960s, Bass’ genius extended to building corporate identities for some of the biggest companies in the USA. He designed the logos for AT&T, Quaker Oats, and Warner Communications, and successfully conveyed the ethos of each of these corporations to the American public.


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