The Chase

9 Jan

The Chase was established in Manchester in 1980 by co founders Ben Casey and Lionel Hatch.
Ben and Lionel set up The Chase to offer a credible, regional alternative to London’s best design consultancies. Since then, The Chase has opened offices in London and Preston and has earned an outstanding reputation for creative excellence.
In 2004, The Chase was ranked 2nd most creative agency in the UK and is now one of an elite band of companies to have had work accepted by D&AD in each of its 18 years of existence.

I LOVE some of their logo work. This logo is for leaf street an environmentally friendly housing association and i don’t think it could be made any better, its clever. It shows a ‘street’ of house and their shadows in green thus creating a ‘leaf’. >>

This is a logo for 3CV i like how they have incorporated the CV to create a 3. <<

This is a logo for Design Yorkshire, I like how the Y’s of Yorkshire have been rotated and put together to create a star shape. >>

This is the logo for the Woodland Trust i like its simplicity. also the have used colours of nature. i.e the brown and green of a tree. <<

I also like so like some of their packaging designs for Original Source. I really like the typographical approach to it. i like how its not all the same pt size and the its not all facing the same way but is still legible and neatly packed into the rectangular shape.

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