Some good info on logo design

2 Mar

I stumbled across this post on


they wrote:

1. A logo is the very first impression people get of your company – Before a potential client even walks through your door, your logo is a representation of your company. It can make a company appear large, small (whether it really is or not) fun, serious, professional…
2. A logo needs longevityOnce a logo is designed it will represent your company for many years.
3. A logo needs to be originalA logo should be designed specifically for your company. A cheap “generic logo” may not reflect your company’s values. A cheap logo may also use clip art which could end up being used by another company.
4. A logo should look professionalYou wouldn’t take a potential new client to Mac Donalds for lunch, in effect this is what is being done with a cheap logo. A logo should give your company a professional image, appropriate to its needs.
5. A logo should reflect the time and thought gone in to designing itOne of the problems here is that people don’t always realise the amount work that goes into a professionally designed logo:
o The research – even if the budget is quite small I would expect at the very least to find out who the company’s main competitors are and how they present themselves
o The brainstorming of ideas
o The rough sketches
o The 4 or 5 logo options worked up on the computer
o The amends, tweaking and further amends
6. A logo is the starting point of your whole corporate imageThe colours typography and style of a logo will often dictate the corporate look of the rest of a company’s literature.


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