An Inconvenient Truth

18 Mar

This is a film about Global warming which shows Al Gore, former ‘next President’, going round the USA giving talks to people about global warming. Ok so this film was ok bit boring but very informative, to be honest it kind of scared me to see what we are doing to our own planet, the place we call ‘home’!.  Al Gore said ‘Is it possible we should prepare against other threats besides terroists’ which i think is a really strong statement really says how dangerous global warming really is really puts it all into perspective!

I wish he got the presidentship rather than Bush, but hey hes gone now and hopefully Barrack Obama will be more like Gore in his ways on tackling climate change.

Adam asked us to note any ways of displaying data and been as this who film was about showing data there was thousands..

well here is a few of the ones i noted:

  • line graphs
  • line charts
  • pie charts / doughnut charts
  • bar charts
  • time lapse photos
  • maps
  • scatter diagrammes
  • flow charts
  • pictograms
  • cosmographs
  • area charts

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