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Daisycakes review

28 Oct

this was my first neg 1 project, it was a brief I got of but adapted to make into a longer project.

I started by researching into other bakerys and cake shops, and

started to sketch out some ideas. I didnt want to go with the obvious daisy replacing the I, so I tried a few ideas and came up with a bowl.

I wasn’t 100% happy with the shape of the bowl and after several attempts to improve it I decided that a bowl wasn’t the right idea to go with. So I thought about drawing a simple cake one that wasn’t so conventional and traditional so I went with a clean and simple line drawing of a cupcake, I thought that this was a better representation of the company and looked a load better than my previous bowl idea.

This was my final design, I wasn’t happy with any typefaces so I had to use to different ones and merge them together to create my final logotype.

Overall I am  pleased with the final outcome and cant really see a place to improve on it. If I were to do this project again the only thing I would change was the time scale it took me to complete, I took way to long to come up with my final logo and probably wasted many hours that could of gone towards another project.

Also this is the first project I have done using illustrator and I have learnt a lot during the project.

Here are the final visuals that I created to showcase the logo in situ.