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One Football review

28 Nov

This was a short brief I did to go towards professional practice, this logo was of unfortunately my entry was unsuccessful.

Here is my entry;

and an example of how the webpage could look;

Overall I feel that this logo could do with a hell of a lot of development and is properly why it was unsuccessful, i feel that the logo works well just that its too simple and obvious but its something to keep in mind for the future, for future competitions, my work needs to be more individual and needs to stand out against the rest of competitors.


Applied Arts Auction Poster

20 Nov

Danielle and myself were approached by Adam to redesign the poster for the applied arts students for their Christmas auction to be held on next months First Thursday (Dec 3rd).

At the moment the poster isn’t very appealing or professional looking. the type used is in all the same point size and font, there is no use of hierarchy to promote the dates, times and venue etc.

Our first task was to sort out a layout and sort a hierarchy for the type. Me and Danni decided to work separately at this stage so we could work faster on getting some ideas together, so the applied arts students had varies ideas to choose from.

Adam supplied us with some photos to be used on the posters this helped me with a layout and colour scheme so they would be consistent with the image.

this is the image we choose to use;

I used the colour picker tool in illustrator to pick colours from the photo so the colours didnt clash. After a few layout ideas we went over to the applied arts studio to speak with them and to show them our ideas. they decided to go with one of my designs 😀

I encountered some problems during the design as I don’t have much experience using illustrator at the moment so I mocked up my design in Photoshop and gave this to Danielle to copy

into illustrator, but she never copied it over exactly as I designed it so we had a few lining up issues, also she made a few typos whilst copying my work, which we didn’t notice til we had printed it, I didn’t think to check for typos as it was correct on mine.

I’ve learnt from this that I need to improve my illustrator skills vastly and quickly if i am going to be able to do anything in graphics, and to always check for spelling mistakes!!!

In the end I feel that it was an overall improvement on the original design and look forward to creating more stuff like this in the future. Although I feel the e-invite needed to be more of an actual invitation.

Here is the final poster and e-invite;