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my new moo business cards

27 May

My business cards arrived today, they look great quality and super cute and what a bargain, I recommend to everyone its a great little site and really affordable.


Business Cards

16 May

One of my projects for professional practice was to promote myself through business cards and a website. So here are my designs for my business cards, ive tried to keep it simple, clean and professional. I’ve stuck with the greys and whites to match both my blog and website(which will soon be up and running).


Sushi review

15 May

Ok where do I start with this project? it was such a big project!

So this project started out with having the idea to brand a restaurant, we started out trying to do an indian restaurant but just wasn’t satisfied with any concepts we came up with, so we decide to brainstorm a few other restaurant ideas and a sushi bar came out on top.

We played around with a few name ideas and the number 8 came out to be the best name. We played round with a few ideas for this name, we decided to go with ‘no.8’

image here!

After we had come up with a logo we showed some tutors who told us that it looked like we were trying to say no to sushi so we had to have a rethink of how we were going to do this logo in the end we came up with lucky 8 instead it still had the same feel as before but read a lot easier. We also had a problem with A, as we have used chopsticks and a bar to represent the A, one tutor told us that it looked like a woman’s legs apart with her knickers down, I couldn’t see it personally but we didn’t want to give off the wrong impression and changed it immediately.

We came up with several visuals for this project, everything from menus to uniforms and the restaurant exterior to the restaurant interior.

Overall im very pleased with the outcomes of this project I feel they are very strong and will look great in my portfolio, this is by far one of my strongest projects to date.

Word Book review

12 May

this project came from a previous idea from the 100 breif. Myself and joe decided to make into a project on its own. the idea was to portray the word through its meaning i.e. origami would be made from folded paper letters

We went through what seemed thousands of possible words and ideas for this. originally we were gonna display them on a wall  and have each square mounted seperately but thought with the time scale we had against us with the end of uni getting closer and closer we decide we had to have a different approach. so we set of in search of a cheap publishing site and came a across and it was perfect, relitevly cheap and good quality.

Overall i enjoyed this project i feel it has brought my creativity out which i havent used in a while. We started this project in full optimism, thinking it was such a fun creative idea, as we went along the passion did die a little but we are still very pleased with the final result, some words didnt work quite as well as first thought but overall i think it was a success. It is a good feeling to have a proper product at the end of a project and feels really good to have my name on the front of a book, hopefully this isnt the only book that will have my input.

Ive i were going to redo this project i would rethink some of the words we used trying to keep them all on the same theme this would help the flow of the book. This project has given us a great experience into publishing and a better understanding of type and its anatomy.

Here is some photos from the book;

100 review

6 May

This brief is part of istd ( international society of typographic designers) the brief was to come up with a concept that used to type but represented the number 100 in some way.

I wanted to do something with the top 100 typeface but wasn’t sure what, I had a few ideas to make the faces of the designers out of the fonts they had designed but doing all top 100 would take forever!!!!

Another idea was to create some sort of board game and have type characters as the players pieces and numerous questions about the top 100 typefaces and type anatomy. although i liked the idea of a game I didn’t think the board game was quite right

So I went on to just doing a card game, i called it fontastic and it was purely a multiple choice card game based on the top 100 fonts. this project started well but as time went on i was out of ideas on how to display and design the cards

this was my initial idea,

INSERT IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

in the end I just felt that this project was taking up valuable time and was getting nowhere so i decided to scrap it and move on to another project. I might decide to come back to this project to develop further when uni is over.