100 review

6 May

This brief is part of istd ( international society of typographic designers) the brief was to come up with a concept that used to type but represented the number 100 in some way.

I wanted to do something with the top 100 typeface but wasn’t sure what, I had a few ideas to make the faces of the designers out of the fonts they had designed but doing all top 100 would take forever!!!!

Another idea was to create some sort of board game and have type characters as the players pieces and numerous questions about the top 100 typefaces and type anatomy. although i liked the idea of a game I didn’t think the board game was quite right

So I went on to just doing a card game, i called it fontastic and it was purely a multiple choice card game based on the top 100 fonts. this project started well but as time went on i was out of ideas on how to display and design the cards

this was my initial idea,

INSERT IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

in the end I just felt that this project was taking up valuable time and was getting nowhere so i decided to scrap it and move on to another project. I might decide to come back to this project to develop further when uni is over.


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