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I got chosen!

4 Jun

The biggest shock ever! but tonight at the final show opening I was handed an envelope to tell me that I had been selected to showcase my work at DNA the north’s equivalent to the DandAD soooo excited! plus it was great seeing my family and friends šŸ™‚


Final Show

4 Jun

OK so the final show is now up and after lots of swapping round everything is up and finished :), now just got to wait for opening night which is at 6 tonight got lots of family coming and can’t wait to see them :D, but at the same timeĀ IĀ cant help feeling sad at the thought of leaving uni… is the end of an era Ā I will certainly miss a lot of people šŸ˜¦ you know who you are! STAY IN TOUCH!

Website up andĀ running

1 Jun

IĀ have just completed my website which is running on cargo. The site isnt 100% complete as i have abit of css to edit but all my work is on there so check it out here >