Its the most wonderful time of the year…..

16 Dec

Its Christmas time once again and that can only mean…. HANDMADE CARDS.


I have sold quite  few this year. I love making them all individual and have had some great comments and feedback from customers.


I was even asked to do some bespoke ones…



Last Day ….. :(

29 Oct

Ok so the last day of my contract here at KK has arrived…. I am actually really sad to leave i have loved my time here, and met some good friends who I wish to stay in contact with.


On the good side they said I was the best junior they have ever employed and will definitely use me in the future when the trade picks up after the recession.


Goodbye KK Chester and thanks for your help and support over the last month and a bit!

Graduation Day

27 Oct

Today I had the day off work to go and graduate 🙂

It was a lovely day seeing family and all my uni friends again.

Was such a great feeling to see my parents really proud of me…I did shed a few tears!

yes and we did the traditional throw the hats in the air thing ……and yes mine landed in the road and was almost flattened by a car!


New Skills

18 Oct

Okay so I started this job with very little QuarkXpress experience, now i can say that i am comfortable designing most things using the software…


I am learning sooo many things and loving it! Why didn’t I learn this much at Uni???


I have gained self confidence, I am a lot less shy and I cant wait to learn more skills as this job progresses.

With great power comes great responsibility….

12 Oct

OK so ive been here what…2/3 weeks and they have entrusted me with a whole project!!! eeeeeek!


OK I can do this! No Sweat!…..


OK so a little insight into the project:

A local restaurant (who I cant name) has approached us to redesign their menu’s seems like this could be a brilliant opportunity for me to get my work in the public eye!!!

Job is going well!

27 Sep

Yes I love it here i have settled in well the staff are great and friendly and very helpful.


Done lots of interesting work, unfortunately I cannot upload anything as of yet as projects are still in progress and due to client confidentiality I cannot share them until they have been approved and completed…..WATCH THIS SPACE!


Part Time Job – Kall Kwik Chester

20 Sep

Today I start a part time position as a Junior Designer at Kall Kwik in Chester, am I nervous?……ummm YES!

I’ve got until the end of October to impress…..Wish me luck 😉