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Creative Futures Week

28 Feb

I know this post is slightly late but i have had a few problems with my laptop all is OK now 🙂

OK so on to Creative futures week…..

This was all about people from industry coming in to talk to us and give us advice on how to go about getting a job after graduating, also past NWSAD students coming in to tell us how they have got on since they graduated.

Starting out after graduating in Graphic Design
Gareth Lawn- View Creative Graduated from NWSAD 2008.

Gareth was a past BA Graphic Design student here at NWSAD, he also studied at Yale, This talk was really good, very interesting and very relevant. He talked about his life a NWSAD, and how he progressed through Uni and how he got his job at View Creative, one of the most, if not the most respected design company in North Wales. He was very down to earth and made the talk more interesting because of his laid back style. He talked about how important these 3 years at uni is and to use them to there full potential, as you wont have these opportunities again to use such a wide range of facilities. He told us to get work ready at portfolio standard as you go along because it will be to busy at the end of year to get everything done in the last few weeks of the year, he also mentioned to show a variety of work in your portfolio, to show that you could be capable of doing lots of different types of jobs. He also mentioned to get lots of people looking at your portfolio, and not just fellow students and lectures get industry people to look as well, would be good to get professional opinions.
Before interviews research into the position and business you are applying to looks good to know that you know about their company. It is Important to try and remember everybody’s names as well as possible. When searching for jobs it is more noticed if you ring rather than emailing, emails are easy to miss and can very easily be deleted.
Make people remember you, send things out to companies and follow it up with a phone call.
Design your CV don’t just send a word processed document!!!!
Join CSD(chartered society of designers). Design blogs can be a source of great inspiration: typeneu,
He also said that the ‘local’ area includes Chester, Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester.

Four years out: Advice from my career to date in freelance animation and illustration.
Joe List Graduated from NWSAD 2005

Try and get to know people from different disciplines whilst still at uni.
Got a job at Acadamee by doing admin work and getting friendly with the creative team.
When you design your CV, it has to be an extension of your portfolio. It cannot be a Word document. If you have CD/DVD portfolio, an animated Flash menu is nice touch.

Graphic Design Tips by Neil Edwards of Mako Design

If you miss a deadline, that client will not use you again. If you’re going to be late, tell them early. Even if it’s the most boring project, try and get something creative out of it; either by how you line something up, the font you use or the colour etc, and that will get you through it.

Marketing yourself and self-promotion by Desdemona McCannon

Buy 100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers.